About The Event

Cars & Coffee Liverpool is a free automotive event for all ages. Showcasing a wide variety of supercars all the way to super rare one off motorsport vehicles. At Cars & Coffee Liverpool there is fun for the whole family, so bring down your young ones and your furry friends!


Chung Ku
2 Riverside Drive, Liverpool


Our Next Meet Is
Sunday 30th September 2018.

The largest free automotive meet in the north west

See over 200 Cars & Motorbikes ranging from American pick up trucks to hyper cars and even rare rally cars at Cars and Coffee Liverpool!

With an average attendance of over 300 cars there is always something to satisfy every petrol head. Cars & Coffee Liverpool was setup to provide car owners a place to show off their pride and joy no matter what the value. This is a key ethos here at Cars and Coffee Liverpool and allows us to truly make it an enjoyable morning.

Setup by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

Our team consists of petrolheads who dedicate their spare time to providing a free event for you all to enjoy.

We love to see peoples pride and joys no matter what the monetary value is. We want Cars & Coffee Liverpool to be open to everyone and because of this we will always try to accommodate all our visitors no matter what vehicle you arrive in.

Join Us At Our Next Event

Join us from 9am until 12pm.

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Chung Ku, 2 Riverside Drive, Liverpool, L3 4DB